10 Reasons why I Love My Mom

11 08 2007

I will be the first to admit that the relationship between my mother and myself is somewhat on the lacking side.  My mom and I don’t really argue, but we don’t really talk, either.  Major emotional issues are not discussed with my mother.  My father is definitely not discussed with my mother.  Arguments with her are avoided altogether or quickly retreated from once they begin, because it’s just safer that way…

As much as she frustrates me and as often as she drives me completely up the wall, she is still my mother and I love her a great deal.  And, this is completely and totally dorky, I know, but the following is a list of all the reasons I can currently come up with as to why I love her and am proud of her:

1.  She always had hot chocolate ready for my sisters and I, growing up, after we’d come inside from playing in the snow…  as a little kid, this was something I adored about my mom, so it makes the list… also, she used to braid my Barbie’s hair for me when I couldn’t do it.

2.  At one point, when I was 14 or so, my mom had a friend who was a single mother; she had broken up with her boyfriend and had no place for herself or her 8 year old son to live, nor enough money to pay rent in an apartment, and so my mother asked the woman and her son to live with us.  They ended up staying with us for three or four years.

3.  When my parents got divorced, my mom went back to work, after being a stay-at-home mom for 13 years, to support my sisters and I.

4.  My mom went back to college, in her 40s, to get her nursing degree.  She graduated in 2005 with her RN.

5.  She saved like crazy while I was in high school so that she could take my sisters and I on a vacation to Walt Disney World for a week.

6.  When Brent died, my mom offered to take work off so she could go with me to the calling hours and funeral; she didn’t even know Brent, really.

7.  Before she started working evenings, my mom never missed any of my sisters’ basketball games, soccer tournaments, track meets, or band concerts.  She went to all of our chorus concerts, marching band shows and award ceremonies.  I can count, on one hand probably, the number of times my dad showed up for all these things.

8.  She made all sorts of sacrifices for the girls and myself; mom rarely bought things for herself.  She never had new clothes, never went out with friends…  I was startled, a few weeks ago, when I learned that she’s gone 3 years without getting new glasses, even though her prescription’s changed again, because my sisters and I need new glasses every year.

9.  My mom says what she thinks.  I can honestly tell you that my mom makes her feelings known.  There are plenty of times where I’d much rather not know her opinion on everything, but that’s another story…

10.  She has always been 100%, completely encouraging of me in everything I do.  My mom has always told me that so long as I did my best at everything, that’d be enough for her.  And, for my mother, my best has been enough; regardless of how it measures up in comparison with others.




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12 08 2007

Sounds like you have a great mom! It’s not realistic to think you’ll always get along with her, but even through those times, you still love her. My mom and I never got along when I was younger, but now we’re best friends. I’m so glad she’s close to me and my family and I can’t imagine my life without her!!

I’m sure your mom will love to read what you’ve written about her!


14 08 2010
tripti tandon

yup…mom’s s the one who makes the life and so what my mom did ,
sometimes it happens one can’t get along with her but no matters what it is ,mom means the life to me and the world is gloomy without her.Its beyond tough to live without my mom,,& she is missing all the way ..
Be fond of the mom $ shed all the happiness for the tribute given…

14 08 2010
tripti tandon

yup…mom’s s the one who makes the life and so what my mom did ,
sometimes it happens one can’t get along with her but no matters what it is ,i love her diehard, mom means the life to me and the world is gloomy without her.Its beyond tough to live without my mom,,& she is missing all the way ..
Be fond of the mom $ shed all the happiness for the tribute given…

12 08 2007

Your mom will always be your best friend ….try not to forget that..sometimes we so mixed up in everyday life but our children will Always come first..let her know much you love her

5 02 2017

i couldn’t agree more I have a pretty starnge sitruatrion ive grown up in basically having two dads and two moms my entire life (raised by my aunt and uncle for the majority of my existence so far.) I cant without a doubt in my mind body and soul say that they all each in their own ways have always put themselves before me and in their own ways put me at the bottom of the totem pole. BUt I cant stress the fact enough that all 4 of them are and will always hold the biggest part of my heart. That’s why I am such a giver towards them regardless if some take advantage of that fact I will never even with my peers allow another persons thoughts views or opinions kill who I am inside . I will not change how I treat others just because thats how I have been treated by them. I have an angry nasty shameful at times side to me but I also have the biggest heart in the world and that is due to my parents all four of them ! so yeah I really was drawn to your post thanks for commenting.

12 08 2007

You’re mom sounds like a wonderful woman. You and your sisters are truly blessed.

16 04 2008

my mum well what i can i say she is my hero, she takes care of me all the time protects me and im 19 :P. she`s not just the person who brought me into life or brought me up yeah she`s my mum but she`s also my bestest freind , i love you mum x

20 04 2008

Hey I think that no one could ever say that their mom and them get along perfectly all the time. You’re mom sounds fantastic and you should be glad she is your mother. And remember no matter how many times you tell her mother that you love her and you think you sound like your just saying it really means the world to her Best Regards to you and your family

29 04 2008
Ruth McCury

Hi there – what a beautiful tribute to your mom! I’m an author and I am compiling a book entitled My Letter to Mom. I’m looking for letters to moms thanking them for all the things they do to make our lives special. If you would like to submit your story for my book, please let me know.

9 03 2010
Nella DiManno

if you are truly an author, and are particularly interested in “mother stories”, I have a couple of interesting concepts you might be interested in. Do let me know if you care to know more.


21 06 2008

that is so nice of her!

12 08 2008
Echo Pelc

that is so sweet of you yo say things about her like that. i am trying to find something like that for her. see i would like to make a book for my mom even thow she has been out of my life for over 6 years i am 12. and i am going to do the same for my dad but i would have to put it near his head stone. he had dided 2 1/2 years ago. well i hope to keep going and make more. if you have any more about dads and moms please send some to me at pelce@sad44.org

21 08 2008

this is all well and fine…
but have you told her all this?

1 09 2008
dodie knickerbocker

sounds like yo momma is awesome!
mine is too, like right now she’s making me toast with cream cheese! (strawberry kind)

22 09 2008

Aewsome according to Koran you should respect your mother since heaven lies under her feet


3 10 2008

my mom loves to drink,so that makes her n acholice , and when she gets driher n she tells me stuff like i dont love her, an im a bitch n im just like my dad n i want to show my mom i love her, but then i dont want to because she makin me out to be a person that doesn’t love her. i have a lot of respect for my mom n i want to show her i love her. i love my mom n she knows i do she just putting me ouit to be a bad person when she gets around peopl.i love my mom a lot..

8 10 2008
Robert Nelson

Uh. I love my mom because she’s amazing at reiki.

30 10 2008

this made me cry, i think everyone should make one of these

11 11 2008

WOW! that’s awsome i agree that everyone should make one of those. that was sweet of you to write that about your mom and don’t exspect everything to be perfect. my mom and i have fought sense i was two and just this year we started getting along.

6 02 2009

Wow.. that is amazing. A mother can do anything for her children and so does my mom. Me and my mom get along very nicely.Can u even believe she supported me for all of my pilot training course and i feel some what shameful for not being the best of a son…

20 02 2009

your mom is really awesome! wow…what u wanna do now is to have regular conversation with her and be her best friend….i have a mother who cares so much for me and i was just like u..never really talk to her often and stuff…but i really regret it since she has passed away…i miss her so much and i want to tell her i love her (i’m sure she knows but i still wanna tell her)…so dont be shy and open up…ur mom is always on ur side and im sure she wants to hear that u love her!! yea i was so shy and it was awkward for me to say but if she was physically alive now, i would have told her everyday that i love her and she is amazing!!!!! i love my mom and i can’t wait til i see her again

24 05 2009

Sounds to me that you have one of the best mom there is. I love my mom so much too. Being a single parent and then working like hell just to support me. I really am studying well not just for me but mostly because of her. Im 19 years old now and a man. My friends would tell me im a momma’s boy but I dont care a thing as long as I love my mom and show it to her. Nothing else Matter! I love you Mom! and for every mom great mom in the world… Kudos to you all!

3 06 2009

Realy my eys got wet , ur mom is genues .pls live for ur mother . that shud give happy for her
u the one who shud keep happy her .
i love ur mom

evean my mom also almost same like ur mom
i am enough happy
to stay with hir

25 06 2009

Your mom and you are on a “cruise control” relationship. You don’t really talk to each other, but love each other immensely. Whenever I see my mom, I hug and kiss her – that really cheers her!

18 07 2009

I love my mom so much. She’s really my best friend.

6 08 2009


12 09 2009

this is so beautiful

25 09 2009

I love my Mam more than everything else!!
She’s my hero!!
She’s always there for me, she gives me strength and courage !
She always listens & helps me whenever she can!!!
She is the most beautiful woman, inside & outside!
She is always there to catch me when I fall..
She is always there to hold me when I cry..
She is always there to warm me up when I’m cold..
She is my Mum & my best friend & my hero !!

And now.. she’s so far away.. because I decided to go abroad for 5 months 😦
and I miss her more than anything else!!
Everyday I wish she’d be here to hug me,
every night I dream of her and my dad.
I really really miss her & my dad!!!

And I want them to know that they’re the best parents in the world!!!
And I am so blessed with having them!!
And I never want to hurt them!!
I want to make them soooo proud!! the proudest parents in the whole big world!!
And I want them to know that I love them, so damn much!!!
They’re in my heart, forever and ever and ever.

yours, sara

25 09 2009

That was such a great comment! I love that you’ve got such a great relationship with your parents… Thanks for sharing!


27 09 2009

i love my mom and i shouldnt hurt her feelings cos she looked after me all these 14 years, and when im sad shes sad too when im happy shes happy whan im not asleep shes not asleep. i love her cos she loves me too and she even loves me more then anyone else and more than herself. that proves that shes the best mom in the world.

13 10 2009

hi friend mom is de best gift that god can give us even if make mistakes she will forgive us. just be close to ur mom buddy i discuss every thing with my mom u also do de same.

16 10 2009

i love my mom i miss as she is nt wid me since me childhood still i luv her as i can imagin her in my day nd night dreams ………she is very special for me
when ever iam in touble i just use to think that what my mom say me if she is wid me nd i get out off dat …….realy in a gils life she is incomplete without her moms love
love u mom ……………
urs shona

22 10 2009
mother lover

she lets me stay up on a school night

26 10 2009

I love my mum more then anything on this world. We have issues sometimes and we we argue sometimes, but we make up everytime.
I`m really lucky to have my mum. She was allways there for me. I can tell her everything. She is really my best friend. I don`t think that loving your mum is dorky. 😦
I realised that, whatever happen , my mum will allways be there for me.

18 11 2009

my mom is better than anything on this earth i dot know want i can compare her with.she is so inspiring and caring since my child hood and since the 9months i have been in her womb she cared for me and carried me all along so i will always pray that may the lord protect her in all and give her more love and caring .


24 12 2009

it seems that your mother is great women and she very care about you people …

I love my mother more than anything in the world but i don’t know why she doesn’t understand me….. Every time when i try to do something to make her happy it doesn’t work and i make her more sad … Sometimes i pray that it would be better if i die so that my mother could live a good life… I am just fed up of everything my whole life is just fucked up sorry about the language but that’s true.. i don’t have a single desire to live ….. i tried every possible way to make her happy but it didnt work …. I dont have any hope that she can ever understand me and she knows that how much i love her….

5 02 2010

without my mom, i’d probably be dead by now. my mom does everything for me and she doesn’t spend her money on herself, she spends it all on me. she cares about me and tickles me when i am feeling sad. makes delicious lunch, dinner ,and breakfast. she worked super hard and saving up for my braces and my dentists appointments. and also been saving up buying me new clothes. she didn’t buy herself a single thing! so thats why i love her. when i become a doctor someday, i’ll earn myself money and buy my mom everything she wants and take care of her. my mom was the one that raised me the most. on the otherhand, my dad don’t kno shit and pays the bills. but its all good.

2 03 2010
Delilah Roy

Bless your wonderful mother ❤

12 03 2010
tiny tot

my mum is the best…without any doubt

12 03 2010

i luv my mum more than anyone.She is the one has made it possible for me to be on this planet.I’m just proud to have her as my mum.I’m so pleased to have her as my mum.I always know that if there is someone who cares about me on earth that has to be her.

28 03 2010

Thats true love:)
I gave lots of trouble to my mom…….
now am living far away from her nearly two years.we are three sons to her and she loves all of us i never been sharing any personal things about me with her
but being away from her is like a hell!! she has dedicated her whole life to us she gave everything she can and never cared about herself she still works hard to prove her best but am working now to stop her working until now my life is meaningless..love u a lot mom and im here to make rest of ur life filled with happiness

9 04 2010

i love my mommy because we always get along and she awalys has good advice and treats me fair. she also has very good judge ment and all i have to say is this…. mommy i know that in aboout 10 or 20 years you will pass away because of your weight. i love you to much and i will awalys be your little 9 pound 8 ounce blue eye blonde haired baby boy

20 04 2010

That made me cry. I love my mom too

24 04 2010

i love my mama

28 04 2010

I love my mom she has always been there for me! She is the best gift God has given me! I thank God for the splendid mother he gave me every night! I love you mom!

7 05 2010
Madhab Saikia

I Love My Maa… Now I Can Enjoy The Entire World Only Through My Maa… I Love You Maa… Maa Moi Tumak Bohut Bhal Pau… Thanks For Being Me There…

14 05 2010

You have an amazing mom. You are so lucky to have a mom like that.
I wish my mom was like that.

17 05 2010

Awww that’s so sweet. Aw shucks, now I’m crying… :’)

I really love my mom too. She always makes me feel better when pretty much nobody else can. Sometimes she makes me soo mad, but I really could not imagine life without her. My mom is the best person EVER.

18 05 2010
just tom


Mom is Mom. We are born from her labor and from the most intimate part of her body, as she once was with her Mom. Life is life and we all struggle with true love in our development. Sometimes love is conquered in retrospect …meaning we really only after the fact realize that we love w/o condition our Mom and Dad. This is nothing more than growing up in our heart and mind …it’s OK.

I long for my Mom and Dad, they are deceased. I miss them with all my heart. We are human, and we suffer from human frailties, but life is about the struggles of development and spiritual development.

Good Luck, Tom

28 05 2010
Mitch Wilkinson

You’ve done it once more! Great writing.

30 05 2010

I for whatever reason googled “i love my mommy” even though its been years since i called her that or openly expressed my love for my mother. When i get mad at her i call her things when she’s not close by to myself and then i feel so miserable and sad. I feel so alone anywhere i go, my dad doesn’t care for me, and my mom is always there 100% of the time, i feel like a failure when i make mistakes and mess up. I failed the only person that loves me truly. My one true fear is that she’ll stop caring someday and leave me. my mommy…

16 08 2010


I know exactly how you feel! I’m going through a rough patch at the moment and my mum is here for me always. She lets me sleep with her when I need a bit of extra comfort (I’m nearly 27!), she makes me laugh and gigle stupidly, she’s cheeky and makes stupid jokes when we’re down, and during my rough patch i feel bad that i have failed her for even being in this situation.

Nothing can make them leave us though.

31 07 2010

i love my so much my mother is best in the world mother great gift of God my mother complete my all wishes and never say no my mother don’t scold me

19 08 2010

Man all I can say is that I love my parents with all my heart. I have read every comment in this thread and have balled my eyes out. I mean I never remember crying this much and actually meaning it. My only goal tomorrow it to go to my parents house and tell them that I love them in person so that I will never have the regret of never remembering that I told them that I love both my mom and dad. I will also hopefully build a way better relationship with my parents starting tomorrow. I mean I have been living life lately like there was no meaning for me and often felt like the world would be better without me but now I really feel like I can defiantly make a difference in not only my life but my parents life and also my sisters life. I thank everyone for their comments as I am out of tears for tonight. Thanks again for all of your comments.

9 04 2011

I was about to say that! It’s been so long since I last cried. I’m a 21 y.o man and I can’t imagine my life without my mom, dad and sister! They’re everything to me.!

12 09 2010

this was so sweet 🙂 it’s inspired me to write a letter to my mum, she’s truly amazing and I love her with all my heart. I would be nothing without her

15 09 2010

wow aaawwwwwww well i saw other ppl comment n i think ppl have diff perspectives of thier own mother, after all she is the one tht brought u to life right? yup well unlike other ppl in this world i thing love is a small word for something big , more like wearing your heart on ur sleeve they should call it, haha yup, i love my mom but i dnt mind wearing my heart on her sleeve bcuz i do love her!!!!! im in the computer lab in my hs, n we have to look up our heros, n i searched up mom n uhm, my mom isnt on google 😛 haha which sukkz but haha she is in my heart !!! sounded mega cheesy?

15 09 2010

Fanny ;D is my momma<333

15 09 2010

wheres fannys comment :O ??????????????????

30 10 2010

Yeah, I completely agree people need to grow in life and mature from the hating-your-parents-rebellious-kid to a mature adult. Fine, I’m not even an adult, not to mention 2 weeks to being officially 18, but I’m glad I no longer am the girl I used to be.

In my high-school days, I used to worry her, getting her down to my school umpteen times. And it’s not for pleasant stuffs, of course, she’d be receiving tons and tons of complaints from my teachers and principal. But she never fails to show up, just because she wants to be updated on how I am at school. In the past, I thought that she wants to go against me and everything I do, which is also why she turns up in my school and every single occasion when she is called down, even though I’ve reminded her not to.

Things even got out of hand when I ran away from here, i even removed my slippers an ran down the stairs, with my mom chasing after me. Ok, let me recall… That was when I was 13, which is half-a-decade ago. And I disappeared for like 3 days, she texted me and only to receive replies from my friend (who used my phone without my awareness) and replied things like, “Then you should learn how to be a mom if you do not want to lose your daughter” etc. Maybe in the past, I’m too blinded, too influenced by friends that I can hate my mother to the extent of — Smashing a window right at her face. I admit, she was kinda unreasonable that time. It was my mid-year examinations and she forbade me from stepping out of the house because she found a contact lens cover in my bag and thus, presuming I’m gonna run away from home again. Fine, maybe it’s because I’ve tried this tactic too many times, that even I did not intend to run away that day (I swear), it’s already inked like a tattoo that I’m going to each time a contact lens casing is found in my possession. Police was called up, and drama-mama happened when I supposedly was going to take my examination.

Then things did not got better, the following year, though I rarely ran away from home, I often stayed overnight and only return home the next day shutting myself in the room. Without speaking a single word to her. When she asked me questions, it’s either answered in an attitude-manner or I’ll just ignore her totally. And up, the next year, I even quitted school due to some stupid reasons, that I regret till now why did I. It’s my major examination year and if I did grit my teeth, clenched my fist and stayed on, I’ll be holding a higher degree than what I am now.

Now, it will be my after quitting school life.
I went to work as a bargirl for the sake of high income. And I even made comparison my family’s income with some of my other girl friends’, in which they’d be pampered with branded bags every now and then. It’s purely out out of jealousy and my greed of money, that I worked as a bargirl. Undeniably, their hourly rate is incredibly high, adding on the tips you’d get from customers, I’ll say the pay is heavenly. Ok, “heavenly”, in a superficial little girl’s aspect.

Every night, returning from work, I’ll be drunk. Or should I say most of the days. And I’ll be having hangover and sleep late the next day, only waking up in the evening and get to work and coming home drunk again — This cycle repeats on and on.

Till something happened, not entirely to me but to a close friend of mine, it changed my mindset. I thought that I shouldn’t be what I am, hurting everyone around me including the ones I dearly treasure. But at times, I just don’t want to show I’m overly caring, or should I say when I care for someone, I would prefer caring in a way where I don’t have to say concerns out verbally. But at times, I guess you have to. You wouldn’t want to wait till it’s too late.

I changed my life only mid this year, I started searching for jobs and I worked as a retail associate in Marks & Spencer for two months, before changing a new line to an admin personnel-cum-receptionist. I’m only doing this temporarily, for I will be returning to take the examination which I missed out last year as a private candidate. But of course, the fees are exorbitant. It’s a USD2000+ fee and my parents are paying for me. I suppose they saw the change in me since the mid of this year. That I don’t mind working in a day job, being a retail associate/admin personnel even though they hourly rate I get is half of what I used to. Of course, it will be almost one-tenth if we were to add in the tips I used to get while working in the bar. But I believe that I shouldn’t make such comparisons. Working as a bargirl has alot of disadvanatages:

1) It’s bad for your reputation.
Surely it does, imagine when your grandmom asks you, “My dear girl, so what are you doing now? Working? What are you working as?”.
Can you without hesitation nor embarrassment, proudly answer, “Bargirl”?

2) It’s detrimental for your health.
Undoubtedly. I guess I forgot to mention this above, on one occasion, I tried to take my life by swallowing 20 panadols at one go. I thought of death at that very right moment, but luckily, my dad found me the next morning and rushed me to the hospital. But my liver was already half-spoil. Because I was only discovered the next day, and they couldn’t churn my stomach. Thus, only, inserting fluid which will reduce to harmfulness the leftover toxins will do in my body was all they could do. I stayed in the hospital for a week, and was discharged. But anyway, back to the main topic. My liver is already half-damaged, how can I work as a bargirl who have to gulp cups after cups of hard liquors on a daily basis? That’s sure detrimental for my health.

3) My parents wouldn’t be able to accept the money I earn as a bargirl.
I mean, which parents would? Knowing your daughter is out every night, pouring drinks for men and receiving tips, how could you, as a right-minded mom/dad accept what your daughter is offering you?

Right now, as I’m working a decent day job… My parents can proudly accept my cash. And I’m somehow glad. That even though what I’m paid now is one-tenth of what I was paid last time (inclusive of tips), I’m proud I’m earning money the decent way and I know the value of money. I can proudly pass my parents the hard-earned money which I worked hard for. And I believe it’s because of this changed my parents saw in me, they believed that I would also put my best in the retaking of my examination next year, and did not mind forking out USD2000+ for the examination.

And I’m sure, I’ll do my best, be it working or schooling, so as to not let my mom be disappointed ever again. FYI, she’s already 63-years-of-age and I wouldn’t want her to go with regrets. I hope and pray for the best for my mom and also, my entire family.

Ok, I’m off for now to eat the delicious dinner my mom have prepared for me on the table.
“Mom, I love you” — I have to say it here because I don’t have the courage to say it to her in real life. Like I mentioned above, I’m not the affectionate kind who can openly show my care and concern. i care in a secret way. But no matter what, I still care for my mom. And of course, I love her.

30 12 2010

Wow, i think it is so great that everyone here loves their mum! I love my mum soooo much too….. she is my hero and role moel. Mums are the greatest (:

25 01 2011

This post really reflects how i feel about my mom –
She has always been there for me when I need her. Growing up, she saved up the money for me to go to college and buy stupid things. Now I am 25, and looking back, I had to thank her for all the things she taught me and how she raised me to who I am now.

11 02 2011

I am 12 years old and i don’t have a very good relationship with my mother and somtimes we do argue but i always regret it and feel like a failure. i love her very much but i cant hold my temper so i say things that really hurt her when im angry i try my very best to be good to her and have respect but it’ll only last for about a week i don’t know why i feel like a failure but i do love her very much i somtimes say i hate her but i don’t really mean it i don’t want her to give up on me somtimes i feel like it’s all my fault and if i wasn’t born her life wouldn’t be a misery ……. but .. i know she loves me and wants the best for me so i will try my best but im not sure it’ll last.. when im angry i just feel like running away but i can’t bring myself to do it cuz ….. i know no one out there will care about me lik her, i know my own faults very well but i can never admit them . i cried so much when i read ur comments i’ll try my best i know i love her but i can nevr prove it .. im a… coward .. a failure

5 03 2011
Taylor Rano

I LOVE MY MOM <33333

9 05 2011

Hum…..My mother Adenike by name.She is a mother that have love,Careering,Gentle,Faithful and she is really the mother that i can never let any one talk to her any how………..I promise to never beat a woman in my life but one day a lady abuse my mother….And i was mad at her and i slap her and beat her up cos she abuse my mother….The woman that made me to be here where i am today.She is my AFRICAN QUEEN.I LOVE YOU MUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11 06 2011
Orla noonan

i love my mum with all my heart she is my life 🙂 i never want to lose her she is the best thing in my life and the same wiith my family but she is my hero 🙂 i love you mum

20 06 2011

love my mom and dad to death…when you lose em you realize thier worth. i mean how can sum1 even forget ALL they did for u. let em know u love em.. cuz their is no1 in this wurld tht can luv ya quite like your parents. im 16, have loadsa friends n am proud to say tht my parents are my life.love u mom n dad 🙂

24 07 2011
Nicole McPhillips

I love my mum because whatever she feels she will always love me as i do to her!

27 07 2011

i never want to lose my mum shes my life 😮

27 07 2011

i love you mum 🙂 we always fight but you are the best :* i love you ❤

19 08 2011

i don’t always get along with my mom,but i love her to bits,i’d sacrifice myself for her,she’s my everything,she’s the greates mom known to man,she did so much for me & my sisters & idk how to thank her,if i do something i feel like it won’t measure up to what she did,she always says good words to me & makes me feel special & not useless,she always tells me how pretty i am,even though i’m not,let’s not forget the hell they go through in labour for us,how they stayed up when we used to cry or when we were sick,i’m proud of my mom,
love you Mama Hanoon ❤ ❤ ❤

28 10 2011

I love my mam. I love her forever she was the best thing that happend to me love you mammy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

25 01 2012

These are simply beautiful words. Brought tears to my eyes while reminding me of my mother.

I feel like she always puts others ahead of herself way too much. It’s gotten to the point where she has so many unresolved problems of her own and she can’t help herself now! I want to help her so badly, and make everything all better for her, but the lack of required funds prevents me from doing so at the moment.

I wish I were half the person my mother is!!! She is so selfless, it leaves me dumbfounded how she puts so many others needs in front of her own while she suffers her own dilemmas silently. I love her so much, and I don’t want to lose her until I can prove to her that I’m successful, and can help her with her problems, and repay her for what shes done for me, our family, and total strangers.

I have faith that things will get better, and that I will eventually finish my education and graduate in order to help her; I just hope she can hang on. Someone give me some words of wisdom if you will please. Thanks for listening.

19 02 2012

Awww wait until your mum reads that she will be so delighted I bet ya read it to everyone ing your family they will love it xx

29 03 2012
Chloe Woods

Good i love it

18 04 2012

Mom i lv u vry mch…u only d person wo s bst in d world…..

25 04 2012
Enistircik Noals

I love my mum. She is hard work. She puts me down but says it is for my own good. I’m not sure. I’m a mum. I have changed my views. Try and build self esteem. Live and let live? Who knows? Maybe Phillip Larkin was right all along.

5 05 2012
Happy Mothers Day

i love and miss my mom a lot
go to

Like if you love your mom
Share if you want the world to know!

13 05 2012
Lucas kugara

Thank you mum!!

13 05 2012

I luv this story

5 07 2012
owor sherryl vancross

i realy like ma mummy more tham ma father coz she always support me if ma father tends to quarel with me

10 07 2012

Inspiring! I lost my mom when I was 5yrs old to domestic violence. For those of us who have lost their mothers, there is a place for us to share our memories and thoughts. http://www.facebook.com/ThatsMyMama

31 07 2012
Riaz ahmed sial

Riaz ahmed sial i love my mom

24 10 2012
zara afeefah

so love u mom

28 10 2012

I really enjoyed reading your blog entry. It’s unfortunate you can’t have as open communication as you would like with your mom. It seems though that she really loves you in her own way & you love her very much too. Maybe you could begin a more open level of communication by telling her ” I would like to be able to talk to you about about emotional issues. How do you feel about that?” Then be prepared to really listen. If you want.

2 12 2012

i love my mother and she is the best ! do u now why i love my mom ? coz ilove my mom as i love my life and not to tell any person why and it is asecrate gooooooooooooooood by friends

6 01 2013

That Is truly amazing
My mom is like that too!
Your mother is a Great Mother!

28 01 2013
Lana Du

That is 100% like my mother…since she passed away I miss her so much. If you need to tell your mom you love her, you need to do it now. Don’t wait until its too late. I wish I woulda stayed and cared for her more when she was battling cancer……I was so in denial the whole time wishing up I could wake up everyday and she her getting better…I really couldn’t accept it and the next thing i knew she was gone. Don’t let this happen to you.
Love you & Miss you Mom 😦

8 04 2013
karabo sebapu

I want to be in..!!!!please I beg u my Lord!!

10 09 2013

i love my mom too. i didnt realize how important she is to me until this summer. i was such a selfish teenager; her happiness never even crossed my mind. now, i’m learning to put others first more and more, starting with the person who cares about me the most. i feel infinitely more confident knowing she will always be behind me to comfort me when i fall and praise me when i succeed.

5 11 2013

My mom has helped me overcome a big ordeal in my life recently and i dont know where i would be w,out her in my life.

She is a good role model for me to keep on movíng forward to do the best that i can every day of my life w my learning disabilty.

She loves me for who i am no Matter i have or how old i get.

10 05 2014

Wow I loved everything you said about your relationship with you and your mom, it’s beautiful and it almost made me cry

17 05 2016
The Dragon Slayer

This is so sweet. You have no idea how much I wish I had a mom like that.

16 07 2016

That Mast be cool

16 07 2016

That is awesome

29 12 2016
julie modugno

My mother gave me everything from her heart and so did my dad, but it’s my mother I’m very close with even at her age of 92. She is ill and I think to myself how am I going to live without her ? Thank goodness I’m in therapy already preparing myself for the worst but I still cry every day from looking at her picture or just thinking of all the memories we’ve shared.

2 01 2017
julie modugno

I’d like to add more to what I described above about my relationship with my mom. You see I was the youngest of the family and the last one to leave the nest so maybe that is why we’re so close ! Whenever she speaks with me she will say, “when are you coming over ?” and then when I need to get home she’ll say “you’re going home, when are you coming back !” It breaks my heart to know how much I’m wanted and loved by her that is all I want to know because a parents love is irreplaceable. Another can’t give you what is given to you by the love given to you by family !

28 02 2017
Alicia Schreier

Cool site. Cheers for posting

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